Monsters of the Apocalypse

Human kind isn’t meant to be free; helium balloons are free. – from Monsters of the Apocalypse

We love to uncover hidden gems that too many people have never heard of. In this case only 17 people have reviewed it on Amazon. That’s almost criminal!

‘Monsters of the Apocalypse’ pretty much throws all conventions out the window and turns the zombie / vampire genre on its head, so if you’re brave enough, we urge you to dive right in. It’s a hell of a wild and unruly ride, but we think you’ll find it refreshing. This is certainly one of the best books we’ve read in years and we’re giving it a Best rating just for its sheer creativity.

With tongue firmly in cheek, Jordan Rawlins gives us a sly, dry, and oh so clever tale of not one, but multiple apocalypses. The story is told with brilliant yet subtle humor rare in post-apocalyptic fiction. The book is overflowing with memorable characters, of which we are sure each reader will have his or her own favorite. Ours by far is Miho – an undecipherable Asian woman whose exact allegiances are never quite clear, but whose deadly power is as subtle as the book’s humor.

We can’t couldn’t understand how this is not a runaway best seller and conclude that either Rawlings has had a horrible streak of bad luck or some just found it a little too over the top. And in places, especially the last 25%, the violence maybe is too much for some readers. Or maybe just not enough people have heard of “Monsters of the Apocalypse”, so we’re here to set that right!




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