Afterlife by Ed Morawski

It’s not far in the future and the earth has become overpopulated. There are more people than food and everyone is on the verge of starving. The world government is desperately seeking a solution before utter catastrophe strikes.

What they come up with will blow your mind. We’re not going to spoil it by revealing their idea, but it’s unique.

And the book is unique as well with its religious undertones that should be the antithesis of that novel idea to reduce starving, but somehow it all works—and works beautifully.

In ‘Afterlife’ the government is not evil, but actually benign as its leader tries to reduce the suffering of his citizens. This is a point we really liked: a leader actually trying to do his job for the benefit of his people!

There are  twists and turns thrown in liberally (and a real special mind blowing one at the end) and some really clever ideas and symbolism strewn throughout. Pay particularly close attention to the character’s names and their actions and we think you’ll see how much thought went into this. The story can be read on several levels from many different points of view. At some point the author asks: would you sacrifice thousands of lives to save billions of lives? Just one of the many thought provoking concepts in ‘Afterlife’!

This story will stay with us for a long, long time. As will that ending you may see coming if you follow the signs…

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