Final Price

Final Price

Okay, so we love new takes on ideas that should have been obvious (like why didn’t I think of that) but no one has done until now. “Final Price’ fits that to a tee.

It’s about a serial killer – who is a used car salesman! How much more priceless can you get?

And to top it off it’s filled with unique characters  – Chang an Asian for a change and his dysfunctional but sensitive sidekick Nelson. And all told with sly dry humor. How about one scene when Chang and Nelson are getting tea. The clerk calls out: “3 Percent”. When Nelson returns from getting his drink, Chang asks him what that’s about. He replies he told the girl she had so many metal piercings her chance of getting struck by lightning had increased by 3 percent.

And it just goes on and on, getting better and better. There’s no mystery here, the story is all in the journey to catch the serial killer. We couldn’t find anything not to like about this book. It’s well written, clever, and hilarious.

If you want to read something different, creative, and amusing we highly recommend this.

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