The Windup Girl

 What’s it to be this week? A good one or a bad one? We have plenty of bads  in the pipeline unfortunately, so since it’s summer let’s give you guys a best rated one. Some might ask why we bother to rate a book that already has 818 reviews but we think it’s important to recommend this and hopefully people who haven’t read it will take a chance.

As is our custom we’re not going to rehash the details since you can read them anywhere. We’ll just say it’s set in Thailand in the future and that gives the story a deep texture that is interesting and unusual. The story focuses on New People – genetically engineered slaves for all intents and purposes. We love that term: New People, it invokes a realistic feeling that rings true. It is so appropriate we can easily imagine that term coming into actual use when (not if) clones or the like are developed. And of course this being Thailand one of the primary uses for New People are as sex slaves. One in particular is Emiko, a Japanese engineered one who endures a wretched existence.

The book is filled with wondrous detail and concepts and frightening events and circumstances that we think will appeal to everyone, not just sci-fi fans. In fact treat this as literary fiction and go along with it. That being said there are some tough scenes not for the faint of heart. We kind of fell in love with Emiko, as we were expected to do we suppose. Contrary to some reviews we found the characters very satisfying and the story a must read.

If a clone is identical to a human, shouldn’t they be treated like one? The hitch is that in Asia, many humans aren’t treated as human beings anyway, so why should a clone be any different? The setting of Southeast Asia for this story is brilliant on so many levels! 


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