The Butterfly Garden

As far as we’re concerned this is the book of the year and certainly of the summer. This is the treat you take to the beach or on vacation. You can either savior it slowly or read it all at once. And don’t worry about post-book depression – there’s already a sequel and a movie in the works.

This book grabs you with both hands, demanding attention, and when it has you, it squeezes your heart until you can’t breathe.

We couldn’t tear my eyes away from the page as a young victim (or co-conspirator?) fitfully / slyly  dribbled out her heart wrenching story of depraved captivity and her life before that. The brilliance of this book is that the story does not ‘pour’ out, but oozes in frustrating, maddening tiny pieces to the FBI agents trying to question and understand her and what happened. After only a few dozen pages you are so immersed in the story you find yourself astonished at how the author can pack this much into so few pages, but she does and as you read onward, mesmerized and fascinated, you will  marvel at where author Dot Hutchinson came from, and how did she come up with this?

There will be inevitable comparisons to the ‘The Collector’ by John Fowles, but this story is actually different and unique. If anything ‘The Collector’ could almost be a companion piece.

And finally there is Maya / Inara, such a tough nut to crack even the FBI is stymied. We love her. If you don’t read this you’ll be missing out on one of the best psychological mystery crime stories of the decade.

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